Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 19

It seems like being pregnant is both rushing by and yet dragging on.  I hit 19 weeks this week which included having my first glucose test, my four month check up and scheduling the anatomy ultrasound. Brooks didn't go to this visit since it was a quick ten minute visit.  I met another doctor today and the nurse jokingly said that she was one of her favorites.  She was great to chat with and though I don't really have any great concerns at this point, she sat and chatted with me for a bit, which is not required what so ever yet really appreciated.  She talked about feeling the first movements and how they will be sporadic for a while but in a few weeks it will be almost a constant.  I think the best part was her just letting me hear the heartbeat for a moment.  Hearing that little woosh woosh is possibly the most amazing thing ever. I remember the moment I heard my little brother's and my neice's.  It just fills my heart every single time. Hearing her say a healthy 150 bpm was simply lovely. I couldn't help but tear up a bit! Brooks has only heard the heartbeat once when we had the first ultrasound.  I can't wait until he hears it again at the ultrasound, this time I am going to break my eyes from the screen and look at him!

 Here is my abdominal region for posterity.  I've officially moved beyond a food baby. 

The anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, which holy smokes seems extremely soon!  Brooks will not even make a single guess as to what the gender is because he thinks he will jinx it if he guesses.  I have two guesses.  One being a boy because of my baby gender theory involving the father and the first baby.  Basically this theory is that the father determines the gender and a good predictor is the first child of the males in the father's family.  Brooks' dad and uncle both had boys first. My sister's in laws work with this theory also.  My family follow this theory too.  My second guess is a girl.  I am not sure where this guess is coming from but it just seems like there might be a little girl in there.  I suppose one of my guesses will be right, ha! 

Next comes picking a name, which should be a big fat challenge knowing Brooks and I!