Saturday, May 14, 2011

21 weeks

 Last Saturday this sweet lady - Lily - worked really hard for her Mother's Day.  Have you ever seen a face so sad. 

Lily and our dog made these beautiful pups. These pictures are from the morning right after they were born. There were ten but one didn't make it.  Brooks and I are now charged with picking out one.  ONE!  Out of nine sweet little pups. They don't have stinky breath yet, which is something I never figured out.  How do all dogs have the same stinky breath as a puppy.  We are headed out to see them again this weekend for our weekly dose of puppy, so there will be new pictures soon.

As I roll along in this pregnancy, it seems to be going by quicker and quicker. I feel huge and yet somehow every week I get bigger and bigger. Evidence. Week of January 30 versus the week of May 4th. 

The fat pants aren't cutting it anymore at almost 22 weeks and I am going to have to go to all out maternity pants soon. Hairbands dig into my skin and some how walking around with my pants hanging open doesn't sound like a good plan.  I have been sleeping like crap lately and no amount or size of pillows seems to help.  And really I don't want to hear anything about how this is just preparing me for a baby. I am pretty sure that when I am not sleeping at all at nite because of a baby crying that my back won't feel like crap, my eyes just won't be able to stay open. 

Since finding out that we are having a little boy, I have just been thinking about how little I know about little boys.  I am basing that statement on the fact that I have never been a little boy.  Sure, my little brother and nephew have exposed me to the world of little boys, but I am pretty sure that was not enough exposure. So pretty much Brooks is in charge of all things that are more little boyish like potty training and rough housing.

Names are not coming along at all.  I spent an hour throwing out names the other nite and Brooks actually looked at me like I was crazy for some of them.  I did find it amusing that when I was browsing unique names that started with "B" that Brooks showed up in the list.  Somehow this seems like the most important thing to accomplish at this point since we are over half way there and are no closer to a first name than we were about 20 weeks ago.  I am just happy that there is only one because I couldn't name more than one, ecspecially of the same gender.  Somehow before we knew the gender, girls names came really easy and we even semi agreed on one.  That should have been our indicator that it was a boy.  I guess we can just store that for the next one?  If not, the next female dog of ours has a great name ready!

We registered last weekend and it was a combination of awful and ohmygawwd this stuff is so expensive. My sister was nice enough to give me a list of things that we actually need so we didn't just wonder down the aisles aimlessly.  But at the same time it is so hard to know really what you are going to need.  When she told me to get an expensive thermometer, she didn't tell me what kind.  Ear, butt, armpit or mouth. AGH. Expensive is that anything beyond the $2.99 one or is that the $79.99 one?  Geesh.  But we are semi registered, which is what seems to matter. And can I just say that both Brooks and I survived our childhoods with what I imagine was a lot less crap than we registered for, so I am betting this little one will be okay too. 

As a final note, strawberries have come into season and it seems like there was an alarming amount of strawberry shortcake consumed at our house this week.  Two large packages of strawberries seems like a bit much for two people, doesn't it?