Wednesday, March 2, 2011

See - Not an amoeba

Perhaps yesterday when I talked about being able to actually tell that the baby was a baby in my stomach I should have included a picture.  Crazy idea, I know.  The little baby growing in my ever expanding waistline has sort of an alien like large head but hello.  I could at least pick out the head and arms. I can also pick out a single leg but I haven't determined if the other thing is the cord or a leg.  Brooks likes to pretend it is a private part.  I pointed out that the baby doesn't have any external male or female parts at this point and he was a bit disappointed.  And those two floaty things on the left near the foot, um... I don't know. Maybe that is just from where the baby was moving around?

So I also just had the shocker realization that my weight should be increasing by a pound a week after next week. HOLY CRAP. It is kind of crazy to watch my weight willingly go up. Right now I am up about three pounds which is not scary since I am still in a normal weight range but I can't imagine how I will feel when I am up near the 150s or so since I have not been that weight in quite a while.  I know that it is healthy and normal but it is still hard to let go.  

That being said, I hope that once August hits and the local ice cream place goes into full swing I am able to reel myself in from eating too many treats.  Heck I like ice cream when I'm not pregnant and chubby.  Let's just ponder this.  I'll be eight months pregnant in August. That should be fun.

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