Monday, January 3, 2011

It's going to be a good one.

It is officially 2011 and I am always one to jump on the for or against New Year's Resolutions about one week after everyone else forgets their resolutions.  Most times I think of something haphazardly about three days into the New Year and then forget about it two days later.  This year I actually have a goal in mind and have stuck to it for three whole days.  Pretty darn awesome for a non goal kind of girl. 

When I sit and think about all the things happening in 2011 it is easy to get overwhelmed and at the same time be really excited. This year is going to be stuffed full of big moments.  I will get a new job, I will turn 30 (so will my husband only a week later), we plan to start making babies towards the end of the year, Brooks will be very close to graduating if not completely graduated with a Dr. in front of his name by spring of 2012.  With just that happening alone, big changes will occur.  He will be job seeking for the first time ever at the age of 30 - isn't that unreal for those of us who have been working for close to ten years!? We will either move to another place entirely which entails buying and selling a home and me getting another job or we will establish ourselves a bit more long term in our current town.  That might mean selling our house or it might mean sticking to the one we have for a little while longer.  Babies, jobs, houses and turning 30 are some big events for one year.  I am excited / semi freaking out about all of it. 

Since I try to be honest, here is a scary one.  We are going to try to get pregnant this year with the hopes of having a baby in the spring to early summer of next year.  That would be six months after my husband's graduation and hopefully give us a little time to settle ourselves into life at that point. I think most people in our situation feel similar to us that we have put off having a baby for so long what we worry it won't happen when we want it to.  Here's hoping for none of those worries!


  1. I had one of those.

    ("those" referring to a Christmas "surprise" in the form of a September baby)

  2. Considering half the people on my husband's side of the family seem to be born in Sept., I'd say they're fond of practicing the Christmas miracles as well.

    But do keep us posted! :)