Thursday, January 27, 2011

A project

I like a good project.  A household project that requires some tearing out, some mess and then an awesome result.  I'm just going to ignore the part that includes the fact that I never cut or nail anything.  That is Brooks' job.  He also does the plumbing and electrical if required.  He uses the tools.  I typically tear things out like trim and tile.  I am also in charge of painting.  I don't cut in because he is neater about it but I always try to be as helpful as possible.  Sometimes being helpful means bringing up a Mt. Dew for him to drink.  That and not getting in the way.

Every year we do a project of decent size.  Last year on New Year's eve we tore apart a bathroom.  Please note the gorgeous baby blue tile with cracked grout.

Then it turned into this.

We decided to replace the ceiling fan in our bedroom from the basic boring white one to this. We also replaced all the trim in that room with a new white trim and painted all the doors to match. 

The year before we (I am using that term very loosely since I was out of town for much of this project) installed a paver patio out our kitchen door.

This year we have two projects up for completion.  They are two big projects that come with big price tags.  The first is our living and dining space.  The original kitchen was on our second level and tiny.  The last owners of our house were nice enough to give us a huge kitchen where a formal living room once was.  The original kitchen was tucked away between the living and dining room. The kitchen was squeezed into the wall in the picture below where all the pictures are. 

Our plans for this room are to tear down the wall, since the former kitchen is all gone. Tearing down the wall will require us also to tear out the tile and carpet you see above in the picture.  The room is about 650 sq ft.  That is a lot of tile.  If you have ever tore out tile you know what I am talking about.  We're going to put in some sort of flooring, either hardwood or laminate, to make the room one open space only divided by furniture. 

The other project is the basement.  The basement is the same size as the area in the living room and dining room, 650 sq ft. The basement will require a lot of work.  Right now it is concrete block and two windows.  The space will be broken into three rooms, a laundry room/storage room, an office/guest bedroom and a living space. We will have to do everything to this space - waterproof, frame, drywall, flooring, lighting, electrical and replace the original windows. Oooof. Even though we have friends and family that can do all of the work, we still have to buy the supplies.  Double ooof. 

But I can't help myself from browsing Home Depot and Lowes on the weekends. The Habitat restore near us has awesome stuff that I would love to incorporate into our house. 
The basement project is my dream project, meaning that it likely won't happen any time soon.  The ideas are swirling though! 

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